Last December, the FCC dismantled net neutrality protections for businesses and consumers.

The rules prevented internet service providers from blocking certain content, throttling speeds, and prioritizing access to consumers to businesses willing to pay higher fees.

SB 822 will protect California businesses by restoring these protections.

Smaller companies stuck in the slow lane would not have a chance to attract new customers or investors.

Playing Favorites

Businesses will be at a competitive disadvantage by having to pay higher fees or accept less efficient service.

Higher Fees

A fair and open internet is the backbone of our economy. Innovation starts with entrepreneurs.

Innovation Threatened

The FCC's net neutrality repeal weakens the best parts of the internet.

SB 822 Restores the 2015 Net Neutrality Protections in California

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[Your Business] is pleased to support SB 822 which will establish the strongest net neutrality protections for consumers in the country and ensure that the internet remains a free and open space for speech, commerce, and communication.

On December 14, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal net neutrality rules, adopted under President Obama. Net neutrality refers to the principle that all websites and other online content should be equally available to consumers at the internet speed provided for in their agreement with an Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Under the new FCC order, ISPs are now free to manipulate web traffic to decide which websites will be easily accessible and what content they want to restrict access to on a discretionary basis.

California has never needed its own net neutrality rules, since we have always been able to defer to the federal government. Although the FCC included in its order a purported preemption of state net neutrality rules, the FCC likely does not have the power to preempt state action on this issue, per a 2016 federal court of appeals ruling in a different broadband context. Legislation is now needed to bring net neutrality back to California.

SB 822 reinstates strong net neutrality policy in California and prevents ISPs from engaging in practices that are inconsistent with a free and fair internet.

[Your Business] wholeheartedly supports SB 822.

Read our letter to California lawmakers and sign on today:

“It would be irresponsible to act like we own the Internet and have any right to do anything to the content that comes to and from it.”

Dane Jasper

CEO, Sonic

"The idea that internet gatekeepers could limit access to our service or throttle our bandwidth utilization in order to profit from local monopoly control is extremely concerning."

John Ralston


"The threat of having our customers—many of whom are nonprofit organizations, schools, associations and foundations—placed in a “slow lane” not because of the merit of their content but based upon their willingness or ability to pay runs deeply contrary to our mission of empowering communication and connecting communities."

Mac Clemmens

CEO, Digital Deployment

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